26 June 2011

A Humble Saying

Within books, there is a room filled with gold.

Poverty is not the ills of man, but his beginning.

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell. The superior man loves his soul; the inferior man loves property.

When asked about the good man, Kongfuzi answered, "He moves others. What you do not like about yourself, do not do to others. The good man, wishing himself to stand helps others to stand, wishing himself to arrive helps others to arrive; the ability to recognize the parallel to one's own case may be called the secret to goodness."-
Kongfuzi [(551-479 BC) "I am the messenger, not the Origin." ]

The Foundation of Chinese Intellect

The Forbidden City, also known as "The Jerusalem of the East" in Beijing, China.

Kongfuzi's mother was a member of the Israeli royal family and came from Jerusalem. She traveled to China with her father on a merchant caravan across the Silk Road; when she was a young woman, about 16-years-old and married a Chinese "Shi" nobleman. The Chinese nobleman, fell deeply in love with the Israeli Princess; the moment he saw her.

The Eternal Terracotta Army, near this army was at least 90 fishscale armour made of limestone and copper wire waiting for soldiers and horses to fill; along with at least 40 helmets and other military supplies. According to Han Dynasty tradition,  that one day the whole of this army would shake off there Terracotta shell and come alive; to relentlessly fight in battle, for the good of mankind. As the righteous dead from the whole of the world, arise from there graves where death has released them.

As Kongfuzi's father died when he was only three years old, he was than taught and raised by his mother. When she finally died, she was buried in Lu, China.

From Kongfuzi's mother's life, through the waters of time until the more present; has been known as, "The Mother of China."While time has never washed away her memory, the love for her and her family stay forever in the hearts of China and throughout the East.-HRM Deborah

The real battle between "Crouching Tiger, Hidden (blue) Dragon"
This particular prophecy was written, before Kongfuzi's Lifetime.

While the crouching tiger
For the hidden blue dragon
To appear
Devouring mankind
The tiger destroys the dragon
In battle
Saving the world.

- Ancient Chinese Version

19 June 2011

The US Swastika

A Nazi Ideology: "The greater the crimes, the less credible they will appear."

Those within Nazism has always saluted two flags, the Iron Cross and the US flag. The color red on the US flag, stands for blood and the white, is for the bandages of US soldier's wounded in war. The blue (US intention of unlimited conquest) with the stars has to do with the conquest land expansion of the continent within the country itself, comprising of the first forty-eight states; with purchased Alaska and US Occupied Hawaii appearing later. It had been suggested by the US government years ago, to add conquestic occupation countries; but was later overturned due the star area would appear too congested. As for the Nazi flag, it was just about Christianity, blood, death and National Socialism.

(This movie excerpt, was just one of many US propaganda movies from the 1940's; too cloud for US audiences of what was actually occurring outside the US and promote  "Patriotism." The ideology of "Patriotism," is only found in the US.)

The saluting of the two flags occurred in both Europe and the US, especially during the portion of the European Holocaust known as the "Final Solution;" also allegiance to Adolf Hitler himself. Most Americans living in Europe during this period, did collaborate with the Nazi party and usually received special luxurious, preferential treatment.-HRM Deborah

23 May 2011

Dear Mr. "Obama"

If one happened to notice in the last several Mr. Obama broadcast speeches, he has taken to wearing excessive make-up to cover the visual effects of him having AIDS and let's also take into account his ever dwindling skeletal (Ancient Greek: Mummy) pencil like physical appearance. For facial enhancements, Obama is wearing dark lipstick, face make-up to appear more Caucasian and let's not forget the darkened eyeshadow that enhances is mother's Indonesian eyes. Which it seems the public consensus over this latest endeavor is simply that Obama is "Queer;" with ever growing deteriorating mental instabilities.

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugliness can go to the marrow of the bone.

Also, recently an American with an extremely no nonsense reputation; took the time to have Obama's alleged American birth certificate analyzed and point by point found that indeed the birth certificate was a fake.

A demonstrator points at the corner of a sandwich board protesting against the visit of Mr. Barack Obama on 22 May 2011 in Dublin, Ireland. Obama is visiting Ireland for one day, on the 23 May 2011. He will meet with "distant relatives" in Moneygall and speak at an Obama financed rally in central Dublin after a concert in the evening.

The American and global consensus towards Obama's popularity, is that he is the worse person in the world to date standing on lonely Island, reaching out to the empty air and now Obama is claiming that he has distant Irish relatives, as he decided to make a sudden visit to Ireland laying waste his most recent inexcusable obligations in Washington; such as the visit by Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu; left behind to basically stand with cold heels with everything concerning the country of Israel left unresolved, such as ending the US Occupation of the country, freeing all Israeli Prisoners and Hostages held illegally by the US,  too stopping the Holocaust that threatenings annihilation of not just everyone in Israel; but all living person's worldwide. As to Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu visit to Washington, on one occasion Obama did make an attempt on his life. But in this attempt upon Netanyahu life, a Guardian Angel came to protect him; until he shamed not just his family, his country and the global community in his speech to the the US Congress. For such as this caused great unhappiness with Allah (Hashem).

Complete global silence except for the caw of a single black Crow, than shortly after an unusual darkness began to sweep across the whole world; as humanity waits in fear for the swiftness of Allah's (Hashem's) hand. The earth is already collapsing as though it is dividing from itself. A Crow once again came to caw, three times the yell, in three days from the first. Upon seeing the black Crow caw, three times on the seventh day from the last time of hearing; as they walked in front, passing by me, There is one place, on earth that is becoming ionized.

Needless to say, not everyone is remotely Irish, Mr. Barack Obama and it is a thought of which part of the world he will claim family relations next, instead of the reality of his existence.

The US is called throughout the world, the "Babylon" at the end of time.

The relations between Ireland and the US has been long with heavy turbulent storms and it should never be forgotten that those of Irish birth that succeeded in the US immigration process by the ends of there teeth; where they have been met with nothing but utter slave labor such as sweatshops, mine labor and white slavery, discriminatory contempt in a field of tenement squalor.

The first real non-discriminatory chance an Irish immigrant had was in the New York Police department, where many of there descendants are still policemen, today. It became a case, of an Irish brother helping another Irish brother get work to feed there starving families.

HRM Elizabeth II, Mr. Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh pose for a photo-op in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace ahead of a US insistent State Banquet on 24 May 2011 in London, England (UK). It was strongly imposed after just the first day that Obama was to be unwelcomely dismissed from the country by royal command, but he refused with his isinglass flamboyance. Historically up into modern times England (UK) has absolutely no trust in anything concerning the US, especially their policies and still does not consider the US, as a legitimate country.

21 June 2011, it was rather interesting yesterday with Mr. Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sending in my direction two American Gestapo.

One was attempting very poorly to insultingly impersonate not just a person from Russia, for they are such warm, lovely people.

But of all things a whore which is an all to common scenario for Obama, with improper speech and outright Anti-Semitism; too challenge the issue concerning unlawful  marriage, for US war profiteering  with the use of white slavery and Clinton daughter's unlawful marriage.

The new clothing of a black undershirt, black with white strip pants and an artificial tattoo, I found most humorous on the front woman and the other being allowed medical care for some pain issue, was also an interesting touch. Specially when US Political Hostages, are not allowed the luxury of medical care.-HRM Deborah

03 May 2011

Where is the Real Osama Bin Laden?

He is long retired in Sun City, Arizona; where in the evening at 4 P.M., he gets dinner at Denny's off the Senior Citizen menu. After having been clean shaven for sometime, he still enjoys the pastimes of lounging about the pool and getting in a round of golf; while fancying himself as quite a playboy, which he likes easy American girls. He was disowned by his family many years ago, for be a collaborater with the US.

(video posted here by an overwhelming global response.)

While the last several years the US had been financing this lifestyle, as a US military "Great Pretender" was being splashed across the media; but with the US's overwhelming debt challenges ever growing redder; it became time to close-up the fake ben Laden shop.

The US Wielding Power in the World


US Military al-Qaeda Patch (meaning): Evil committing genocide towards good to silence them forever. They also have an internal nickname, "The Grim Reapers."

As to that bunch calling themselves al-Qaeda, all they actually are is an elite Pro-terrorist detachment of the US military or the American Nazi SS (Gestapo). The symbol of the US detachment is a skull and cross bones, as shown in the above US military patch.

Terrorism Central

28 April 2011

Few Choices

A Zoot suiter (1930's-1940's)

"One dresses and lives in the environment they are subjected too. Otherwise, they would be standing ugly on a nude beach."-Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu (defending HRM Deborah of Israel being insulted by alleged US President Barack Obama)

Substandard quality of life is imposed upon all US Political Hostages and those under US Occupation, in the extreme cases are anyone with Israeli citizenship; with the most dire disintegrating conditions subjected to members of the Israeli Royal Family such as myself. The US standards upon said parties which is intended to control ever facet of there life with poverty, tortuous, slavery conditions; are against all International Laws and the Geneva Convention.

Any false impression intended by the US that US Political Hostages are living in an acceptable environment is no different than the model death camps of the 1930's and 1940's, where later the prisoners where exterminated.

I have seen US Political Hostages that could not stay strong in these extreme conditions, actually disintegrate both physically and mentally; with always the air of death hanging over there heads, whether they gave into the US imposed conditions or not. Some have further collapsed due to the sorrow of being in a foreign place. But yet, so many US Political Hostages die everyday; as they also do in any US Occupation zone.

As the US is so quick to speak about people having freedoms or rights, myself; as so many in the world have never seen any of them. But the ever constant, extreme debasing opposite!

They that are held in a "Living in Hell" against there will, even in a prison of double walls can be free in other ways by a strong faith and love in Allah (Hashem) for it's an impermeable armor. For even the smallest flicker of light, always deflects; the darkness. Standing firm, with the Divine Sword of Justice. Have eyes to see and ears to hear. Furthermore, this place is completely different then where the "Grateful" Dead reside.-HRM Deborah

She belongs to Me and will never belong anywhere else.

You have always wished to surround yourself with beauty, goodness and most importantly the knowledge that comes from Me, with honest embracement out of purity that love actually is.

The world itself, became engulfed in a veil of shadowed darkness; which mankind has to break free.

24 March 2011

This Ole House

Many years ago in a deliberated old house on the edge of his country, lived a widower whose children had all left home; never to return.

He was terribly afraid of thunder and the crackling lightening, but when it rained he would keep moving his furniture so the rain from his leaking roof wouldn't get his possessions soaked and in the winter his house always seemed to get extremely cold.

On day, an Archangel looked into the house through a broken window in an answer to many prayers from his children and shook there head from side to side, because while the widower didn't repair his house; he also wasn't keeping watch outside either.

Then as a little time progressed onward, the roof on the opposite side of the door finally collapsed and the wall on that side seemed to crumble in places and cracked worse. The widower, went over to the window where the roof collapsed and the wall crumbled looking out and what do you think he saw?

The initial invasion of Roman legions (Romans called there soldiers,"Saints" or "The Saints." The Remnants of the Roman Empire that came out of its ashes known as the Roman Catholic Church, still coins the term for the same reason; as well as being an extremely popular term in the US especially among organizations and in sports. When a Roman or Saint died they went to a place they call, "Elysium;" which is the Latin term for Hell; which is still the idea to this day.), who had came to raid and occupy Israel; which would last for hundreds of years.

Also, the widower would die that very day being overrun by those advancing Roman legions he saw; unable to signal the country was coming under attack.

The widower should have kept his house in order and paid attention to all that was around him in the protection of his countrymen.

The initial raid that day by the Roman legions, in actuality very few people would die and no villages or cities were destroyed. Unlike the US invasion in 1901 with the further 111 year Occupation, that was a bloodbath for everyone living in Israel; along with numerous villages being leveled to the ground.

This also coinsides with the very recent heinous US terrorists attacks such as towards a city bus carrying civilians, the recent US Occupation Forces military rocket attacks and murders of civilians, both Jewish and Muslim. As the US is once again doing what they always do, attempting to hide there excessive criminal behavior by shuttling the blame upon the innocent.

While the US's foundation is the Roman ideology, they are extensively found to be more barbaric, especially hiding under the guise of policing the world and there fraudulent humanitarian ideals for US global expansionism.

No portion of Israel may be divided without my presence, for I am the sole owner of the whole country, from the border with Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt (included with a portion of the Gulf of Aqaba) to the Mediterranean Sea. Any attempt to divide my country with out my presence is an illegal act and will be treat as such; for the US Occupational ideals towards Israel in all aspects is considered not only unacceptable, but the actions of war criminals on all fronts. This alleged time table of September is nothing but fraudulent!

It should also be brought in to focus that the US treatment of political prisoners is no different then those that were in Auschwitz. I was yet reminded of this, on the occasion only a few days ago of the US attempting another failed assassination upon me and learn further about my fellow US political prisoners.

As a courtesy to the Italian government concerning the Italian citizen that was kidnapped in Israel by the US Occupation Forces in an attempt to commit blackmail concerning the above issue. Every effort is being made to recover him unharmed; but it has always been, that any Israeli government representative too not accept demands of any criminal element. In this case, namely the US.

In a Credit Card

People for a number of years where so quick to get a credit card and the companies that put out many of the cards in later years brought foreword this form of commerce was in question and especially when the US economy began to falter; the credit card caused many to be overwhelmed with troubles.

Myself, even what I have been able to see; always refuse those attempting to force a credit card upon me, also my grandmother Dora believed credit cards were not for us, for she never used one that I know of. And as those who have been subjected to identity theft through this form of commerce, should be treated and prosecuted as a thief to the full extent of the legal system for to do such is a high crime and the crime corrected for the protection of the innocent.

In many parts of the world, to be an habitual thief is no different then being a murderer and usually are treated as such under the given laws.

One of the most notorious in attempting this form of fraud, for he has attempted to do so at least nine times and failed; is Mr. Barack Obama.

As to a measure most people should get into, the non-belief in excursiveness of credit cards or as I like to say, I do not really believe in them! For in the long run, they cause more troubles than there worth.

"Learning About Behavioral" Vocabulary

A person that is prone to using profanity are those that lack not just a proper school education and surrounding home atmosphere, but have very poor vocabulary skills.

Especially in certain types of jobs, this also reflects on job performance, especially in the global arena; as an example, it seems Mr. Obama is keen on telling global leaders to, go "Fudge" themselves.

What such behavior as this does, it makes one tend to dismiss the person of improper speech, the one with the improper speech is more likely to belittle or be prejudicial to all surrounding persons due to there personal inadequacies, with more of a tendency towards emotion instabilities such as quick to anger or over excessive hatred and in most corporate area's it's grounds for dismissal. For not just the improper speech alone, but the further incapacity to make sound reasoning or decisions.

Any person that makes an effort to always improve there vocabulary skills, never has to use profanity in there daily lives.

Needless to say, it tells volumes about a person's behavior in just there manner of speech quality and the capacity to learn.

To increase ones vocabulary skills is actually not difficult, for one of the finest inventions that many people these days let slip by; is a simple book called, a dictionary and as to the other behavioral developments that creates poor speech and quality of life; one can always work on self improvements.-HRM Deborah